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Our Paneer is prepared with no additives and artificial citric acid to hot milk to separate the curds from the whey. The curds are drained in muslin and the excess water is pressed out. The resulting paneer is dipped in chilled water for 2–3 hours to improve its texture and appearance this makes Natural Dairys Paneer comforting yet Healthy.

Viidhi Patel

Very good for health. And yummy taste also in good quality. I eat it since 10 years.i feel Natural paneer is better choice from others .I also recommend my friends and colleagues for Natural paneer. Natural paneer also gives us the taste of pourity Natural paneer is the best .

karan shah

Natural paneer is lately available in the market.The stuff is very tied and firm.The taste is good and feel firmness of its flavour. It is not like unpacking paneer which are available in the local market.natural paneer is excel than others.No doubt there are different taste and flavor than others. Since it is processed packaging there might some quantity of unhygienic particular blended with this paneer. It has to storage in the deep freezer which is not conducive to the quality. The plastic which uses as packaging may also contain some chemicals that are bad for health. The price is a bit high. It should be notified that there are no harmful substances uses in the packaging process..


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