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Natural,Rich and Wholesome. Natural dairys Shrikhand is crafted with patience and compassion Natural Dairys fine range of Shrikhand is rich and wholesome free of artificial colouring and flavouring.Our Shrikand is available in plain, kesar,dryfruit,elaichi,mango flavors

krunali Mehta

I purchased this product to make Indian rice dish which is best when it smells good with ghee.natural ghee feels just like Homemade ghee and is the best as it contains no adulterant and smells like heaven.The same I experienced with this brand of ghee.There are no loose particles in the oil which is good and the smell is awesome.Other brands are good too but I liked natural dairy ghee the most.Go for it.People with high cholesterol may like to avoid as it is very fatty..

Rohan Adikari

This is the best shrikhand I have ever had, I have tried all their flavors dry fruit shrikhand is something I look forward to having every weekend, natural, fresh and delicious definitely go for it.


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