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Unsalted Butter

Natural blend of fresh herbs and Spices. Natural Dairys unsalted butter gives full control of the flavours while cooking, baking and serves also as a topping with zero salt, ingredients that are pure and fresh

Janki Patil

Be it with bread, with paranthas or even for cooking, Natural butter is one all rounder.For a packaged butter, it is always very dependable, typical of the natural brand. It has the absolutely no salt in it which I very much like. Another great advantage of Naturalbutter over other packaged butter is that probably any decent grocery shop keeps a stock of this item and is always in demand. Go on ahead, buy this great choice and be assured of quality everytime..

Hardik Tambe

Natural butter is uterly delicious butter specially for kids. Just giving an example when I was a small Kid& I hate food then my mother make a chapati& and put some butter into it and make it a roll and I ate it and told her to make 1 more roll for me so dear parents because of this butter kids start eating food which is very important for them in their growing stage and build up their system more stronger. So its very good& healthy product for kids and for thin and lean people also because cheese helps to put on the weight and also its very nutritious..


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